To see a lot of awesome animations on the big screen is an amazing experience and it’s all thanks to phantomarcade3000 and ivanalmighty! Can’t wait for the next event! It’s going to be super amazing! 

Going to be so good, been waiting for this for months and drove 11 hrs for this haha.

Need to kick up my game

2017-05-06 00:59:57 by MagniusGaia

Found out alot of my art friends are doing cool projects and getting jobs in fields that I strive for.

The fuck have I been doing, I gotta kick my art game up and finish college.

I'm still alive and I'm making art whether someone see's this or not! 3046148_147873469243_dadsproudsomewhere.png

But the website itself is kind of shit but I did make some new sorta kinda friends on the site! @phantomarcade3000 is one of em! Whom is a really cool artists! Check him out! Also made some doodles in the stream too! 3046148_142484965422_000916.jpg

I got to meet @Egoraptor, @Stamper,  @JohnnyUtah,  @RicePirate, @Spazkid annddd @TomFulp!  All amazing people and inspirations to me personally as an artist! I still can't believe I met them all, such a great honor! 


Thanks to Wade Fulp!

2014-10-21 18:46:19 by MagniusGaia

He changed my name to my artist name and I've never been more happier then ever. Gonna be alot of art to come homies. 

But the fact remains that there isn't, or at least not that I'm aware of. 

I just want to keep this account and get rid of my middle school self's username.